Welcome to Sheppard P.S. home of the Sheppard Flyer!  We are located at 278 Weber Street East and back onto Knowlwood Park.  Our setting is idyllic as we have a large greenspace and a natural garden for the students to explore.

Our school is a K-6 elementary school and has both regular English classes and French Immersion classes which begin in Grade 1.  We have approximately 515 students that attend Sheppard P.S.  We have 3 school busses which transport students from the Lackner area which has been added to our school boundary.

Starting in September 2014, we now have 5 Full Day Kindergarten classes here at Sheppard P.S. We currently have 51 teaching and support staff here on a daily basis.

We believe at Sheppard in cultivating a community spirit, a caring environment in which all students can learn;  a place where we espouse kindness, respect and responsibility in all that we do and promote engaging conversations and stimulate creative thought,  here at Sheppard.

We know you will love being a part of the Sheppard team nd look forward to starting another new year!